Sunday, April 13, 2014

Privacy and Fear

Must attempt this whole Mobile blogging thing considering the certain and disturbing lack of privacy in my future.  Knowing that no matter what I do will be wrong is troubling, to say the least, but at least I can easily hide what it is by tapping the little house on the bottom left corner.

Now I need to password protect the Kindle so that no overly curious minds gain access to my various accounts and private notes while we're gone.  It's sad that I feel the need to do that.  Also says a lot about how I feel about those whose company in which I shall be required to spend my time.

I keep hearing, "Think about all the fun we're going to have!"  Yet experience tells me that the fun will be short lived and widely spaced.  When the bulk of my memories of past trips are negative and nausea inducing it is rather difficult to look toward this impending trip with anything but dread.  When you take into consideration the various psychological issues that appear to be setting up residence within my skull it makes you wonder what these people who profess to love me are thinking by making me do this most distasteful thing.

I understand why my son and husband want me to go, but my visceral reaction to the whole thing should be enough of a clue that this trip is detrimental to my psychological well being and in this case, perhaps the desires of the many should take a back seat to the needs of the few.

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