Saturday, September 27, 2014

Too much, disjointed...

There is literally just too much to do.
I've been buckling down the last two weeks and seriously getting shit done.  The backyard is under control and everything is in pots.  I've made enough progress on two craft projects that I'm literally 24 dedicated hours away from completion.
But the DVR is backing up with summer programs and Dr. Who episodes.  The fall programming is starting to trickle in and the pile of books to read is multiplying. 
The desk is under control with a few exceptions...  mostly those that necessitate the saving of my pennies or awaiting the next trip to Target.
We've spent the weekend at a Convention, thus the increased number of books.  I'm a sucker for the author tables.  Absolute sucker.
This week has a to-do list... that I can accomplish if I continue to work toward my goals. 
I have to keep them in sight, and I can continue, get to the next step, then the next.  I've got minimal lists and goals in mind.  I've even got rewards.  I'm earning them for myself.  It's a point system.  Yeah baby.
Before bed I'd like to finish the story I'm reading.
Removing my photos from my old phone before resetting it is painful.
I kinda feel sorry for my Facebook friends, who are being subjected to multiple postings while I make my way through three years of photos. 
I've got 142 to go.
I've made quite a bit of progress, but the realization that my Facebook albums need to be cleaned up has become glaringly obvious.  This could take weeks...  or months.  Not to mention all the photos I have to go through on my computer and get developed. 
It's a good thing my kid is so cute, or I'd be really tired of looking at his face... and I've barely begun the dreaded "Photo Project."
I've made good progress on my music organization.  But I don't like to discuss that.  It's obsessive, complicated and strange.  Let's just say it's going well.
I have an idea for a photograph, that is borderline consuming me.  I've almost got everything put together for it and am hoping to get it taken sometime this week or next.
My first personal deadline is October 7th.
The only problem is that I have indistinct goals.
I have goals, but they're unattainable-and I realize this.  I'm just afraid that by reducing those expectations I may feel that I've a surplus of time and not get things done.
Sometimes I hate how my brain works.
It's getting late and I have to be somewhere that's far enough from here to be a bother in less than 11 hours.
I should go to bed so I have time to do the chores in the morning before being expected to drive in traffic...  because there's always fucking traffic.

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