Saturday, October 4, 2014


This week seems promising.
After working the last two days, and then sitting through 14 innings of pure nail biting torture... I missed the first four innings as I was at work when the game started, but it has taken me the last two hours to really calm down.
I got pretty pumped there.
Stupid adrenaline.

So the plans for the next five days are to finish up the things I've spent the last two weeks working on.  One of the major craft projects is finished... but I have another that is staring me in the face and long, long overdue completion.  In addition to the six hours of Dr. Who sitting on the DVR waiting patiently for me to watch them I'd like to get the first items I have for sale posted so I can get things moving. 

The boy has a short day this week, which puts a small cramp in things...  but I can take that afternoon to finish the photograph organizing project.  It's been an incredibly long haul that has left me dragging my feet and screaming internally...  but it's almost finished, and the moment of satisfaction at it's completion will be phenomenal. 

Next week I have plans to tackle the sunroom...  to scrub it down, get some stuff out of it and into the shed, possibly shampoo the carpet out there...  then it's the long process of selling toys.   I'm not sure the exact number of items I have, but I don't imagine it'll be a short road.  Hopefully I'll be able to do it quickly, but I'm certainly not going to hold my breath.  The main goal will be to get the room detailed and the toys photographed.  I can move from there with ease.

After that I'm not sure where I'll go next...  either my bedroom and bathroom or the boy's.  It sort of depends on how bad his bedroom gets between now and then.  It's pretty bad now... and I have at least two more weeks before I have to make a decision...

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